The Future of Healthcare Could be in the Palm of Your Hand

Health care is starting to make the transition from standard office visits to more digital approach in the form of online scheduling, paperless interactions, email follow ups, web portals and even mobile apps. 

"Currently, 86 percent of consumers use their provider’s online portal, while two-thirds of patients whose provider doesn’t offer a portal say they want one. The numbers for mobile apps are even higher, with 91 percent of healthcare customers taking advantage of them when offered.

This preference for providers that offer mobile apps reflects a consumer base that increasingly desires real-time communication from anywhere, and any device. Over the past two years, nearly one-third (31%) of consumers have used a healthcare mobile app to communicate with their provider in real-time about a specific condition. Eighty percent of this group prefers mobile to a traditional office visit, underscoring the notion that, for many patients, the definition of a doctor’s appointment is evolving."

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